Demo 2k15

by The Guild

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released August 29, 2015



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The Guild Knoxville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Relic
Wake up, wake up! Your destiny is calling you. Wake up, wake up! The fate of the world could depend on you.

So wake up!

I am awake now, but I don't completely understand why I have been left with this burden. The very soul of nature has spoken to me and now I feel strangely obligated to listen. "The seeds of evil have been planted across the land and I will soon pass away. Time has chosen you to be the bearer of light and purge the spawn of darkness from this world. Wield the relic lost in time I must leave you now."

An orphan with a destiny so unexpectedly thrown into a fate that he could have never foreseen. He now travels the world relentlessly in hopes of finding out what it means. A royal family will soon be overthrown and bend to the will of the dark one, but the secret queen of life will weave her life with the one who will be known as the savior!

Hey, listen to me! Death is around every corner!
Hey, listen to me! You need my guidance!

Misery and cowardice consume me, but I know what i must do. Gathering stones and souls has caused me to contemplate my own fate. Now I'll retrieve evil's bane and ascend through time's gate. I must rid this world of the curse that has plagued this land for so long. I will destroy the shadows that lurk in the night with arrows forged of heavenly light. Seven years of chaos has brought my world to shambles, but my mind is as strong as its ever been. Now evil will fear me!

Fear me!

Purge the spawn. Shed the light. Seal away the darkness.
Track Name: The Crucible ft Perry Smith
I was born in darkness. I didn't see the light until I was just a man. Nothing but a slave in a hole of the earth. I'm fulfilling the sentence of a crime committed by of the one who birthed me. I hear tales of a city stuck in the shadows of madness, one that needs to be brought under order. Well I've strengthened my body and sharpened my senses to a point that cannot be matched.

Who rules the night in this city?

A man, a hero seems to hinder every plan constructed. He underestimates a mind truly one with darkness. I have devised a plan to destroy the mental and physical stability of the human form of vengeance. Let them loose. Set them free. By the end of the night I want this man brought to his knees. Push him past his limits, but do not kill him. He will hunt you in rapid succession with an intent to end this.

"I see you have refused to give up. I must admit you impress me, but now you're at the end of your rope and helpless. Show me that you truly own the night. It is an honor to stand before your glory. Your reputation precedes you, but I'm now above you.I am the night. You are finished. I am vengeance. I am the night. You are finished. I am vengeance. The bat is broken!"